JASPAL GROUP understands that we are only as GREAT as the people in our organization.

That is why we promise to help our staff realize their full potential and career goals.

Life at Jaspal Group



The vehement force behind the development of our organization and employees to present our customers with the lifestyles of their desires.


We seek to align individual goals with the company’s objectives by implementing effective approach and strategies achieved the shared visions and success.


Respect for diverse expertise and opinions, as well as in the way we treat one another.


Through discipline, perseverance, and excellence, we strive for the best possible outcome.


Perceptive and insightful about the future, courageous, adaptive to changes, ready for new challenges.


Collaboration, mutual assistance, and knowledge sharing are integral parts of our employees’ significant strides towards individual accomplishments and the success of the organization. 

Way We Work


"Our competitive advantage is our employees… they’re our greatest asset. We want to attract and retain the best; provide them with inspiration, encouragement and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s success."

Danai Sakornsinthu
Chief People Officer


"Great vision without great people will not succeed. We need the right talents to grow with us to become the leading omnichannel fashion retailer."

Daniel Pao Tin Yeung
Chief Technology Officer


"Workplace happiness does not always depend solely on compensation. It derives from being acknowledged, the seamless collaboration within the team, and the sheer delight we all find in celebrating our collective achievements. These things have fueled and motivated me to work with great excitement and enthusiasm. Having visionary leaders with whom you can exchange ideas and work while recognizing and appreciating one another is hard to come by, and the atmosphere of mutual respect and honor between the leaders and team members is what sets us apart from other organizations. These inspiring experiences have made the past nine years flow by in the blink of an eye. I sincerely hope that we will get to welcome new team members who are driven to work with us and achieve even greater success together in the future."

Tanaporn Amaralilit
Sales Director, CPS CHAPS


"The best compliment you could give apparel designers goes beyond your admiration for our designs and into how much you want to wear them. At JASPAL GROUP, we design every piece of clothing with quality in mind, from longevity to how our clothes help people feel confident, comfortable, and fabulous at reasonable prices."

Tatwasin Khajeenikorn
Designer, JASPAL


“At JASPAL GROUP, my primary motivation is to strive for the ideal balance between creativity and business. I feel immense joy and pride when customers find inspiration in our products and make the decision to invest in them. Working here constantly challenges me to turn numerous implausible factors into realistic ones. Over the years, I have learned to adopt and appreciate the key corporate values of "Respect, Integrity, and Diversity." These values have been instilled not only in us as employees but have also been extended to our customers and business partners.”

Supang Trongkamonthum
Senior Buying and Merchandise Planning Department Manager


"Working at JASPAL GROUP has been a transformative journey, propelling my personal growth and development to new heights. The company's culture fosters freedom and flexibility, allowing me to design and execute responsibilities, take calculated risks, and implement innovative strategies. This entrepreneurial spirit has not only honed my leadership skills but also nurtured my ability to think creatively and solve complex problems."

Pimroge Batpantana
E-Commerce Director


“Passion and adaptability have always been my guiding principles for my role and in my work here as JASPAL GROUP. These mottos make each day enjoyable and exciting, while also keeping me motivated and prepared to take on new trends and challenges. Over the course of 13 years, I have experienced significant personal and professional growth alongside the brand. I have been given the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of talented individuals in the fashion industry, including designers, stylists, artists, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and globally recognized brands. Working with these people has been an excellent driving force for me to further develop my skills and contribute to helping our brand attain international growth and recognition with great pride.”

Masuama Kamolbutra
Senior Sales and Marketing Director, JASPAL and Misty Mynx

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